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Craig Polito

  Director of Training


Craig Polito has worked in the retail automotive business for 37 years and has become an expert in e-Business, Phone Skills Training, Sales & Service Business Development Centers, CRM systems, and Lease training.

During the last 3 years, Craig worked on a project to develop the curriculum of an OEM’s Digital Retailing tool. Craig developed the curriculum of digital retailing best practices, consumer journey, and launch process for the OEM, which resulted in a National Rollout for automotive dealerships across the United States and Canada.

Craig has participated in multiple OEM National level rollouts of best practices for Digital Retailing, Service departments, Sales departments, and phone training. Craig has worked with over 4,000 dealerships in 48 states to provide training and consulting services and has been honored as a keynote guest speaker for multiple NADAs, 20 Group meetings, and multiple OEM National and Regional trainings across the country.

He started his consulting career in 1993 with Half A Car, and eventually found his way to Cyber Car where he developed Ford’s entire e-Business program and performed national in-store training for five years. He also launched the Ford Direct 3rd party buying service for Ford Motor Company.

Craig’s areas of expertise include:

  • Digital Retailing training
  • Developing Sales and Service Business Development Centers and turning around underperforming BDCs
  • High Impact lease training
  • Customizing, redesigning, and enhancing CRM systems
  • Management coaching, phone skills training, employee engagement, and Train-the-Trainer

Craig’s vast retail and consulting experience makes him a favorite of both dealer and OEM personnel. His curriculum has been so well received that it’s been certified as part of Toyota’s University, where salespeople and managers throughout the dealer network receive ongoing learning credits toward sales certification. ​

Craig has worked with OEMs and dealer groups including:

  • Toyota – Seminars, Dealer Meetings, Curriculum development, Toyota University
  • Ford – Leasing, E-business, Curriculum development, Seminars
  • Nissan – E-Business Lead Handling Seminars, phone training
  • Honda – Lease Facilitator
  • Chrysler – E-business performance improvement
  • Land Rover – National roll out for utilization of CRM
  • Mercedes Benz – National roll out for Service and Sales BDC Installations
  • Asbury Automotive- E-business
  • Penske Automotive – BDC Installations
  • AutoNation – E-business
  • AMSI – Service BDCs

From conducting workshops and seminars for large groups to performing in-store Sales and Service BDC center installations, Craig leverages his wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver sustained performance improvements for dealers and OEM partners.