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Get a CRM Fix from Ferociti

Ferociti has years of experience working with auto dealerships like yours across the United States, attending to your digital marketing and sales efforts. A valuable resource in the battle to a better bottom line is a well-designed CRM (customer relationship management) project with a system tailored to support it. Our expertise in the automotive industry has helped us recognize the genuine value of CRM projects and how the data can benefit your sales. Not everybody has an IT guru to instruct them on how to fix their CRM project. With help from Ferociti, we can provide a variety of CRM fixes, depending on your particular situation.

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Areas Where Your CRM Project Might Fail

Many factors in your CRM project can go wrong, leading to overall failure and a waste of your resources. Some of the most common areas of concern include the following:

CRM Projects That Fail the Organization

Your CRM projects may not be solving the right problems, or they might be skipping the big problems. Companies tend to implement projects with an emphasis on minimizing time and money spent, which can lead to your team missing important factors. You need to take the time to configure your system, so it addresses the vital factors that ensure your project’s success.

No Ownership with Customer Insights

Because CRM systems provide a broad 360-degree view of your potential and existing customers, zeroing in on the most tell-tale data never seems to happen. This can be due to leadership, never defining how to measure your success with a project. By defining these measurements, you can create reports with insight into the dealership's progress.

Junk In Junk Out

Constant turnover is normal in today’s Automotive Dealerships. This constant turnover in the dealership makes CRMs data not the best. Many of the new users added to the dealership’s CRMs have their own BDC processes, BDC Templates and data entry that are a reflection of the users. Many of these BDC Managers have limited knowledge on how to actually build these BDC processes and input data so that it becomes usable.

Lack of Executive Sponsorship

Without higher leadership figures supporting your CRM project, its value may not be recognized, and your available funds and personnel won't live up to what it requires for success. When your executive members recognize how it aligns with digital marketing and sales, your CRM project becomes a priority and gets developed to benefit your dealership's operations.

Issues with Management Availability

In the same respect to your executive team, you need to show the value of your CRM project to management. You’ll make more progress by capturing their attention and turning your project into a priority for your dealership’s sales and digital marketing efforts. The customer data has the potential to provide valuable insight on how to align your sales efforts.

Get Optimal Insight from Your CRM Efforts

Ferociti’s insight into CRM optimization comes from our ample experience in helping auto dealers improve their projects, as well as our extensive knowledge of several CRM companies. Give us a call today to get help making your CRM system propel your revenue.

Get Started Leading Your Dealership to Success