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Stay Present to Buyers with a Digital Health Assessment

The Internet has grown into a worldwide resource for users to interact, share ideas and information, and to buy and sell goods and services. This influence over a consumer’s purchasing choices is attainable through an auto dealership’s digital presence and digital marketing efforts. Ferociti’s automotive industry expertise extends to digital health assessments to evaluate the condition of your digital presence and management. We help auto dealers like you nationwide by identifying weaknesses or issues with online and social media digital marketing, as well as getting your dealership and inventory in front of buyers. There is no avoiding the digital age nor its significance in an auto dealership’s ability to flourish in sales.

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Reasons to Stay Up-to-Date on Your Digital Health

In the twenty-first century, the survival of your business depends on developing and managing your digital presence. Digital marketing on social media platforms and other digital marketing efforts have become indispensable when it comes to reaching car buyers. Some reasons why it’s imperative for Ferociti to assess your digital health include the following:

Customers Research Cars Online

The majority of customers looking to buy a vehicle start doing their research using digital resources such as search engines. While many start undecided on what vehicle they wish to purchase, they typically know their specific choice by the time they arrive at the dealership.

Buyers Don’t Start the Process at the Dealership

Car buyers don’t just look at auto brand websites when they’re doing research. They’ll check user reviews and prices on comparison sites. The majority of customers will start with third-party sites and finish their research on a dealer’s site.

Technology Has Reshaped the Customer’s Experience

With virtual reality, video marketing, and other online resources at their disposal, buyers get better visual insights on their automotive options. This includes digital marketing on social media, and the views for these resources get into the millions.

Customers Use Mobile Technology

Over half of car buyers search for automotive information on their mobile devices, such as their smartphone. From inspiration to price comparison to finding a nearby dealership, the smartphone is growing into the primary device for shoppers to find the information that helps them decide on their purchase.

Digital Advertising is Growing

Digital advertising has grown into the primary channel for automotive competitors. Using a wide array of digital marketing tools found on social media platforms, paid listings, and more, digital marketing has become a necessity in auto dealerships reaching prospective buyers.

Improve Your Digital Presence with Ferociti

Ferociti’s assessment will help you understand how to reach viewers better and increase your likelihood of turning an online search into a sale driving off your lot. Give us a call today to learn more about how Ferociti’s knowledge and experience have helped countless other dealers manage their digital health and improve their visibility on laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Get Started Leading Your Dealership to Success