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Dedication. Professionalism. Passion. Success.

We are automotive ninja warriors.

Nothing stops us, nothing slows us, and we execute with results. Every. Single. Time.

We take your challenges and turn them into profitable successes. There is not anything you can throw our team that will not result in us executing successfully.

Our expert team has extensive experience in:

Phones; training, coaching, custom script building, process development

Digital Marketing; Google analytics, Google My Business, Google Ads, SEO, SEM, business listings, social, websites

Service Departments; training, coaching, process development, database management

Sales Departments; training, coaching, process development, database management

BDCs; phone training, installations, restructuring, outsourced BDCs, management, training, coaching, database management

Database systems; rebuilding data processes, ROI, ground-level installation assistance

CRMS; expert level in Reynolds and Reynolds, CDK, Elead, VinSolutions, Dealersocket, ADP, and others

and much more!


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