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When developing a process for an auto dealer, it is important to take into consideration the culture of the store, its customer base, type of vehicle line carried, and core beliefs. Many Automotive Consultants never take these things into consideration, which causes undue stress to the store, affecting the bottom-line number. At Ferociti Automotive Consulting, we take the time to learn who you are and adjust our proven techniques to have the long-term impact most auto dealers look for in an automotive consultant.

Learn and Observe

Before any clients join our program, we start with an observation period. What better way to learn if Ferociti Automotive Consulting and your team are a good fit for each other than a day of observation, and learning about each other. No matter how well done a sales training or digital marketing strategy, if the people do not mesh, it usually doesn’t work.

Fact Finding

Ferociti Automotive Consulting takes the time to dive into your processes to learn about what you have set up, how you run your store and what makes your managers and team tick. We take a CRM deep dive to learn how your deals are worked, how your BDC is functioning, how much gross you are making, and access the quality of the data. We learn your store’s pay plans, who does what and access the efficiency in your store.

Automotive Strategy Development

Now that Ferociti Automotive Consulting has learned who you are, we develop a customized auto consulting strategy for your store. Who wants the cookie-cutter? Nobody, and in today’s world you can not take that risk with your customers, especially when the majority of them expect VIP treatment. Why shouldn’t you?

Idea Sharing

Part of what makes Ferociti Automotive Consulting so successful is the ability to be flexible with an auto dealer during the developmental phase of the process. We share our findings and round table the ideas to ensure success in launching your automotive sales and automotive training strategy. We launch each in phases to ensure that when a bump in the road presents itself, we can iron it out before it becomes a major problem. Ferociti Automotive Consulting has some of the highest standards in the industry, stemming from our experience in retail. We set realistic expectations, not fake ones that fail.

Continuing Development and Accountability

We know it’s hard to manage and train a large team. Less and less automotive dealers have expertly trained staff in their stores, especially in digital. That’s why at Ferociti Automotive consulting we give you the tools you and your management team need to continuously train and grow. We ensure success by helping you hold your sales team accountable and let you know what’s working, what’s not and how to move forward. We watch your numbers for you and bring awareness to the team. We teach your managers to lead and how to train their teams so you can have success.

Customized One-On-One Training

Instead of a one shoe fits all mentality, we access each individual employee and determine where your employee needs help the most. We celebrate their success and at the same time work in fixing their weak points to help you have a more well-rounded individual. At Ferociti Automotive Consulting we take training seriously and have over 50 years of combined training under our belt.

Get Started Leading Your Dealership to Success