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Managing Your Digital Assets

Managing your digital assets such as your website, Google Analytics, SEO, Google My Business, and Paid search campaigns can be confusing, frustrating and messy in today’s modern world of digital advertising. Most auto dealers struggle to find the unicorn who has in-depth knowledge about both the automobile business and digital marketing, and that’s assuming the dealer can pay for the overhead of this individual. Ferociti Automotive Consulting has firsthand experience in trying to find a vendor who offers website management, honest ROI reviews, and doesn’t claim your organic google my business traffic as paid search. This is why at Ferociti we will help you manage your vendors, update your website and keep your vendors honest. After years of looking for a unicorn who doesn’t require a large salary, Ferociti Automotive Consulting decided to offer dealers an ala cart menu to help them be successful in running their businesses.

Google My Business Management

Google My Business is one of the most import SEO platforms you can be listed on. If your listing is not set up correctly your dealership is missing one of the most important pieces of the SEO picture. Ferociti Auto Consulting will update your listing, fix google my business listing errors, manage your specials, events, products and manage the automatic updates that occur on Google My Business. It’s a full-time job to stay on top of this but we’ve got your back.

Website Management

We work with all dealer website platforms to ensure your website information is up to date. We will work with your marketing and advertising teams to ensure we are keeping your site current with all your sales and service specials. We perform website audits, to ensure the data is working, clickable and is functioning not only for your shoppers but for the website crawlers that index your website for Googlers. Need a page built? We will make sure it’s done. Anything your site needs we will ensure it is not only correct the first time, but it’s optimized for all users. Dealers won't’ have to worry anymore about getting things updated. We’ll handle that stress for you.


What the heck does SEO even mean? So many times, while in-store an executive manager or owner asks this question. Yes it’s important, yes you need to do it continuously but how do you manage it? Ferociti Consulting can help with our in-depth knowledge of Meta tags, header tags and understanding how to build content that is user-friendly, we will help increase your organic traffic and prove it.

Paid Search

Too many times we see dealers who have malicious bot traffic hijacking their paid search, or advertisers running displays on sites that produce poor traffic that doesn’t convert. Our Google Ad Words Certified Automotive Digital Marketing Consultants help you find your way through this messy data and determine if your current strategy is working.

Google Analytics

Ferociti Automotive Consultants know that when a dealer logs into Google Analytics it’s like reading a foreign language. We know where to look to determine if what your doing is working. We are all Google Analytics Certified and know how to build your Google Analytics to show you what you want to see: How did they get there? What did they do? Did I get a lead? Ferociti takes away mist to show you a clear picture of how you are performing in the realm of automotive digital marketing.

Get Started Leading Your Dealership to Success