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Mike Cronin

  Director of Phone Coaching


Mike comes to Ferociti with over 40 years of automotive experience with a passion for helping dealers harness the power of “the voice”, to garner more in-store opportunities and increase profits.

Mike started in the business working in autobody but soon felt the pull to help families find vehicles. He worked his way through the ranks on the variable operations side and ultimately decided he loved phones too much after a chance meeting with Tom Stuker of Stuker and Associates in 1986. From that point forward his drive for success and love for the business honed Mike to continue teaching and training multiple people in the dealership on how to succeed with phones.

Mike had managed large and small call centers alike in both centralized and non-centralized call centers. There is not a BDC that Mike has not come across, and knows the pros and cons of them all, as well as what makes them fail and how to turn that failure into a profit-making center.

During his career, Mike has worked with not only automotive call centers, but call centers within industries such as mortgage and health & fitness. He also worked with Cox Communications, training their internal call center sales teams and developing a word track that was rolled out globally with proven success and increased profits.

Mike decided to hang his hat with the long hours our industry offers and joined Phone Ninjas as a phone coach. He was a top-performing coach and was again utilized to train new hires and take on difficult dealer accounts to achieve success.

Mike brings his passion for phones to Ferociti’s clients and many who have worked with him wish they could clone him. He brings his background in comedy into every situation and his clients enjoy working with him. To know Mike is to know that his work stands on it’s merit.