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BDC Sales Training for Auto Dealerships Nationwide

Your sales team’s face-to-face interaction with customers may be spot on, but those interpersonal skills don’t always transfer to over-the-phone digital marketing and management. With Ferociti’s expertise in BDC (business development center) sales training, we can help your automotive dealership meet its sales goals with proficient outbound calling and inbound calls for appointments. Dealers nationwide get help maximizing their sales potential by converting poorly handled phone sales opportunities into lucrative opportunities to increase revenue. We’ll help you implement and optimize a BDC plan, hold workshops to improve your execution, and assist you in finding the software that suits your sales needs. BDC for sales refers to optimizing your outbound sales calls, as well as inbound calls to manage sales appointments. By identifying the weak points and amplifying the strengths in a dealership’s sales strategy and execution, Ferociti streamlines the process of your sales calls and turns outbound pitches into profit.

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Benefits of Our BDC Sales Services

Auto dealers nationwide come to Ferociti for our expertise in BDC sales. We’ll help you build and manage a sales effort that works toward your goals for increased sales and more consistent results over time. There are many benefits to reaching out for our assistance, including the following:

Finding and Training the Right People

Ferociti will help you understand the skills and business savvy you should look for when putting together a team of business development specialists. Their inherent and acquired abilities work to your benefit.

Building a Winning Culture

Through relationship building among team members and with customers over the phone, your outbound sales efforts will result in better retention and higher conversions from calls to completed sales. Your staff and sales leads will want to work with them.

Better Implementation and Enforcement of Lead Management

In a professional setting, lead management is crucial to sales and long-term commitment from customers. With a streamlined process that a well-trained team can implement on a daily basis, your BDC efforts will potentially recapture past declined sales and reduce hang-ups, missed calls, and other common issues that come with outbound digital marketing.

Establishing and Strengthening the Core Processes of Business Development

A team of skilled professionals will sustain the foundational principles and steps of your business development process more consistently. That dependable adherence gives you a solid strategy to build your sales efforts and a clear picture of what’s working and what needs improvement.

Call Ferociti for BDC Sales Improvement

Ferociti’s training and experience in the auto industry have led us to develop an in-depth understanding of sales and digital marketing, including acquiring new customers over the phone. We’ll help you improve your appointment conversion rates by ensuring you have a team and strategy that fully supports your sales goals. Give us a call today to discuss your dealership’s BDC sales situation, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Get Started Leading Your Dealership to Success