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Ferociti: Training for Auto Dealers Nationwide

Ferociti is an automotive consulting & training resource based in the New York City and New Jersey area for automotive dealerships throughout the United States, and we help you optimize your sales and operational processes. Our market-tested methods and expertise ensure your digital marketing and sales efforts improve, leading to growth in your customer base and more consistent results in closing on sales of your inventory. Our experience in the automotive industry has amplified our understanding of the techniques and technologies that drive sales of vehicles nationwide. We’ll help your sales team hone their interpersonal practices with customers for a smoother and more successful interaction over the phone and in person. For your digital marketing, we’re adept at assisting you in creating a campaign and regular updates and activities to gain visibility on your website, search engines, social media, and more. With Ferociti, you get top-shelf industry knowledge enhancing your dealership’s operations.

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Ferociti’s Areas of Expertise

When your auto dealership could be doing better, but you can’t figure out how to improve your sales and market visibility consistently, Ferociti will help you. We have a long history of automotive consulting and providing other services for professionals in automotive sales. Our experience and training in the industry cover several areas of concern for any auto dealership, and we adapt our expertise to fit your company’s needs. You can rely on our versatile knowledge and proven results with past and current clients. We provide automotive consulting and assistance in multiple facets of auto sales, including the following:

Automotive Sales Consulting

Our in-depth expertise in automotive sales goes into our automotive consulting services for your sales department. We’ll help you understand and adopt proven strategies for in-person sales, so your team can close on a purchase more frequently and consistently.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management), BDC (Business Development Center), and Digital Marketing

These sales and digital marketing resources help you secure interest in your inventory and turn viewers into buyers. With the right CRM project strategy, outbound calling over the phone, and digital marketing efforts on social media and other online resources, you can expand your customer base and increase your incoming revenue.

Digital Health Assessment

Understanding the condition and effectiveness of your digital presence and management is crucial to drawing viewers and getting click-through results that turn into sales. Ferociti’s extensive knowledge of optimal digital operations will help you get the most out of your online digital marketing efforts.

Remote Training

We apply our ample experience and training in automotive sales to remote training for your dealership's professional team to stay up-to-date on the most current methods and strategies in sales and digital marketing. We travel throughout the country to deliver this insight through instruction that's tailored for learners to absorb and harness in their own duties.

Call Ferociti to Assist Your Dealership

Ferociti is ready to help you optimize your auto dealership’s sales and digital marketing efforts for a more successful and lucrative business strategy. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can improve your sales and digital marketing efforts.

Get Started Leading Your Dealership to Success